Lowe`s Commercial Services Business Credit Application Lowe`s Commercial Services Business Credit Application

Welcome to the Lowe's Business Credit Application operated by Synchrony Financial Canada in Canada, the issuer of your Lowe's Business Card.

The following application is for Canada residents, (with the exception of residents of Alberta and Quebec). Residents of Alberta, please use your 'back' browser button to select 'Residents of Alberta Only'. Quebec residents may only apply in store. U.S. applicants, please visit our U.S. site at www.lowescredit.com.

To apply, you must:

1.  Meet the age of majority requirement in your province / territory.
2.  Have not declared bankruptcy within the last seven years.
3.  Be a permanent resident of Canada. (Note: Quebec residents may only apply in store.)
4.  Have a minimum annual household income of $15,000.
To increase the likelihood of approval, you should be able to answer 'YES' to one of the following statements.
I have been in business for more than three years.

I am willing to Personally Guarantee this account.

I've been in business more than three years but do not have
an established credit history. I am willing to Personally Guarantee this account.
About Your Business
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Personal Guarantee To offer a Personal Guarantee, please complete the information below. This section must be completed by an owner/officer or other authorized individual.
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Agreement Offering a Personal Guarantee can increase your chances of being approved.
Account Agreement here
Personally Guarantee terms of the personal guarantee.

By clicking 'Accept and Submit' on behalf of my business, I am applying for a Lowe's Business Account. I represent, warrant, and agree that:

(a) the Applicant is a valid business entity and duly registered as such under all applicable laws; (b) all purchases made on this Account, if approved, will be for business purposes and not for personal, family, household or agricultural use; (c) I am an authorized representative of the Applicant with authority to enter into contractual agreements to borrow money; (d) I understand that the account will be governed by the Lowe's Business Account Agreement, which will be provided to me upon approval of the application. I can review the full agreement by clicking on the Account Agreement link above; (e) the information given in this application is complete and accurate and (f) I have read the Section of the Account Agreement entitled "How we use information about you and your Account" and consent to the use/disclosure of the information by Synchrony Financial Canada, and its successors and assigns, for the Purposes or in accordance with applicable law. I authorize you and your assignees to obtain information about me personally (whether or not I have personally guaranteed the Account) for purposes of updates, renewal or extensions of credit granted as a result of this Application, or in receiving or collecting the Account.

I understand that there will be no agreement between us until you approve my application and after credit approval and subject to the governing credit agreement, I may use this Account and will be liable for all credit extended under this Account to me or any authorized user.

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