Lowe's Accounts Receivable Credit
Account Application
  This form is designed to be filled out by you online and then printed. To shorten response time, please carefully and completely answer all questions and then sign and date the application. Once complete, you may submit by mail or return to your nearest Lowe's:  
  Lowe’s Business Credit Card
Po BOX 66322 STN BRM B
Toronto, ON M7Y 4K1
APPLICANT: Please read the following before completing this form.(1) The Personal Guaranty section (Section 3) must be completed by an owner/officer or other authorized individual. (2) All Applicants and Business Principal/Owners must be of the age of majority in their province of residence, be a permanent resident of Canada (Note: Quebec residents may only apply in store.) , and have not declared bankruptcy within the last seven years. (3) Please read the attached and sign below before submitting your application.
  Visit Customer Service or
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  SECTION 1 - Choose Your Account
Is your business tax exempt?   Yes   No
(If yes, please complete tax exempt form available at Customer Service Desk.)
Choose One  
Regular (Purchases are billed to one account number)

Please check below and complete Section 6 if this account will be used for the following:
Primary/Secondary Account (For businesses with multiple locations that need to be linked to a centralized primary account or have job accounting requirements. Billing may be centralized or mailed to the various job accounts.)

Is a PO required with
account purchases?
No Yes
If you want to limit single purchase amount enter the amount here:

Enter additional purchasing instructions, if any:

Please provide the full name of each Authorized Buyer, including yourself.
(Indicate if you want a Buyer ID card issued for each Authorized buyer):
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SECTION 2 - Company Information
Company/Applicant Full Legal Name (If applicable)
(Account will be set up in this name)
DBA Name (If different than Legal Name)

Street Name (Street Name and Number Required)
Postal Code
Phone *
( ) - Ext:
Year Business Started
No. of Employees
Parent Co. Name (If applicable)
$ Annual Revenue
Estimated Monthly Expense at Lowe's
Entity Type:
FP 500 Government Other
Legal Structure:
Corporation Sole Proprietorship Partnership   Non-Profit Limited Partnership
Government Other
Business Description:
 Construction   Repair/Remodel   Specialty Trade   Property Mgt. Retail Govt./School/Org.
Business   Other
Trade Reference 1 Name:
Trade Reference 1 Contact :
Trade Reference 1 Phone:
( ) - Ext
Trade Reference 2 Name:
Trade Reference 2 Contact :
Trade Reference 2 Phone:
( ) - Ext
SECTION 3 - Billing Information
Billing Contact
Billing Address
Postal Code
Business Phone No.
( ) - Ext:
Business Fax No.
( ) -
Billing Contact E-Mail (Optional)

By providing your e-mail address to Lowe’s, Synchrony Financial Canada and their affiliates, you consent to receive e-mail
communications about your Lowe’s Business Credit Account, special offers and updates. You may later withdraw your consent to receive e-mail communication by calling 1-866-855-4431.
SECTION 4 - Personal Guaranty
To increase the likelihood of approval, you should be able to answer Yes to the
following statements:
1. Meet the minimum age requirement in your province/territory.
2. Have not declared bankruptcy within the last seven years.
3. Be a permanent resident of Canada. Note: Quebec residents may only apply in store.
4. Have a minimum annual income of $15,000 and be currently employed.
5. The company has been in business for more than three years.
6. I am willing to personally guarantee this account.
Or 7. The company is an established business but does not have an established business
credit history, and therefore, I am willing to offer a Personal Guaranty.
To offer a Personal Guaranty, please complete the information below:

   Business Principal ?
Yes No
Guarantor's Title
  First Name
Last Name
Home Address (Street Name and Number Required)
Postal Code
Home Phone
( ) -
Work Phone Number
( ) -
Date of Birth
mm / DD / yyyy
Social Insurance No*
- -
Monthly Income
$ .00
Housing: Own Rent
Time at Residence
Monthly Housing Payment/Rent
PERSONAL GUARANTOR SIGNATURE                                                             DATE
*Optional but recommended. By including this information, we will be able to process this
application more quickly and accurately.
If you sign this section of the Application, you agree to jointly and severally, unconditionally personally guarantee the performance of all obligations under, and the payment upon demand of all amounts due on the Lowe’s Accounts Receivable Account that is opened with this Application, without requiring us to first pursue any other party on the Account. You also waive any notices regarding the governing credit agreement or this Guaranty. This Guaranty shall be in effect until the Agreement has terminated and all amounts due there under have been fully paid. Guarantor agrees that if the Account is not paid as agreed, the creditor may report Guarantor’s liability for and the status of the Account to credit bureaus and others who may lawfully receive such information. You also understand and agree that your personal credit will be used in making credit decisions on the Account and consumer reports and other inquiries regarding your credit may be obtained from time to time by the creditor or any assignee in connection with the Account. You authorize us to check with credit reporting agencies, credit references and other sources we deem appropriate.
SECTION 5 — Required Signature of Authorized Officer/Owner
(This section must be completed.)
By signing below on behalf of your business, you are applying a Lowe’s Accounts Recievables Account. You represent, warrant, and agree that:
(a) the Applicant is a valid business entity and duly registered as such under all applicable laws; (b) all purchases made on this Account, if approved, will be for business purposes and not for personal, family, household or agricultural use; (c) you are an authorized representative of the Applicant with authority to enter into contractual agreements to borrow money; (d) you have read the Account Agreement Summary set out in this application and understand that – if approved – the Account will be governed by the Lowe’s Commercial Agreement, which will be provided to you upon approval of the application; (e) the information given in this application is complete and accurate and (f) you have read the Uses of Personal Information and consent to the use/disclosure of the Information by Synchrony Financial Canada, and its successors and assigns, for the Purposes or in accordance with applicable law.
You authorize us and our assignees to obtain information about you personally (whether or not you have personally guaranteed the Account) for purposes of updates, renewals or extensions of credit granted as a result of this Application, or in receiving or collecting the Account.

SIGNATURE OF AUTHORIZED OFFICER/OWNER                                                                      Date
Authorized Representative Name Printed*
Verify Photo ID and Specify ID Type Only (i.e. Driver’s License, Passport)
SECTION 6 — Complete for LAR Job Accounting
Project 1

Project Name
Project Street Address (Street Name and Number Required)

Postal Code
Project 2

Project Name
Project Street Address (Street Name and Number Required)

Postal Code
Project 3

Project Name
Project Street Address (Street Name and Number Required)

Postal Code
Project 4

Project Name
Project Street Address (Street Name and Number Required)

Postal Code
1. Terms & Conditions
You may charge goods and services on the Account up to the credit limit set by us and if you are approved for a Lowe’s Accounts Receivable Account, you must pay the entire balance as shown on the monthly billing statement, according to the general terms and conditions of the Credit Agreement, a copy of which – if not already made available – will be sent to you with your welcome letter and Lowe’s Commercial Charge Credit Card, if a card is issued.
2. Disclosure Statement
Lowe’s Accounts
Annual Interest Rate
Annual Fee
Additional Card Fee


Payment You must pay the total amount of all Purchases and fees charged to this Account during a monthly billing period shown on the Statement for that period. Payment of the entire balance is due in full by the Payment Due Date shown on the Statement.
Interest Free Grace Period None. Payment is due in full each billing period.

Credit Limit:
This is communicated to you with your welcome letter and/or Card, if a Card is issued.
If you default on an Account, you will pay, to the extent permitted by applicable law, default charges which may consist of reasonable legal costs incurred in collecting or attempting to collect a payment, and/or the NSF/Returned Cheque Fee. This summary is provided to you (and, if approved, credit is extended to you) by Synchrony Financial Canada.

For any questions regarding this application, call toll-free: 1-866-855-4431. Synchrony Financial Canada may monitor or record customers’ telephone conversations with its customer service representatives to ensure customers receive accurate and courteous customer service.

3. Uses of Personal Information

Personal information provided by you in your Application for an Account from Synchrony Financial Canada, in connection with such an account or obtained subsequently from any source with your consent (collectively the “Information”), is maintained in a separate customer file (the “File”) and:
(a) used, from time to time, in furtherance of the credit process, including to obtain and exchange credit information from and with credit reporting agencies, credit references and other sources with whom you have or may expect to have financial dealings to underwrite and approve the Account;
(b) used to enter into, maintain and carry out the Credit Agreement, including sharing Information with our retail partner and/or its affiliates in furtherance of the operation of the Account;
(c) disclosed to a potential buyer as part of a sale of all or part of the portfolio of Accounts;
(d) used to approve you for, and notify you of, other financial products or services offered by Synchrony Financial Canada and that may be of interest to you (the “Financial Products”);
(e) may be disclosed to and used by third parties, including our retail partner (“Third Parties”) to develop, enhance, market or provide other products and services that may be of interest to you (collectively the “Purposes”); and
(f) as otherwise disclosed in our privacy policy, as such document may be amended from time to time and which may be viewed at www.lowes.ca/creditservices (collectively the “Purposes”). We will not collect, use or disclose the Information except for the Purposes described above.
We may transfer some or all of the information to external service providers that process the Information only in furtherance of the purposes or in accordance within applicable law. We may use external service providers that store or process the Information on computers located outside of Canada, including in the United States, Mexico, India, and the Philippines, whose data protection laws may differ from those in Canada. As a result, the Information may be subject to access requests from governments, courts, law enforcement officials and national security authorities in those countries according to their laws. Subject to these laws, we will ensure that appropriate protections are in place to maintain protections on the Information that are equivalent to those that apply in Canada. You have the right to access the correction to the information and, if needed, to request a correction to the information. If you wish to:
(i) access the information;
(ii) request correction to it;
(iii) request that we not approve/notify you for/of Financial Products;
(iv) request that we discontinue any disclosure of Information to third parties;
(v) request that we discontinue maintenance and use of the File for the purposes; or
(vi) request a written copy of Synchrony Financial Canada privacy policy; you should call our Privacy Officer toll free at 1-866-855-4431.
Please double check and then print this form
To shorten response time, please carefully and completely answer all questions and then sign and date the application. Once complete, you may submit by mail or return to your nearest Lowe's Canada store